Looking pretentiously thinky

There isn’t a whole lot to add here that the little caption in the side-bar doesn’t already cover. I came out as trans in early 2011, after identifying as butch for almost two years. My former blog, Break it Down, Butch, is here but not active, for obvious reason. I’m working on moving across to San Francisco by July, and then I plan to get a therapist, chest surgery, and hormones — roughly in that order.

I have a degree in counselling, so I’m qualified to go ‘hmm’ a lot. I try to keep that under control.

My soul is blue and smells faintly of cedar.

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  2. hey there,

    Hope your move to San Fran is going as planned. We’re having a discussion about trans folk and where they fit in the lgbtq community over on my blog. I’d love your perspective on it, if you have a chance. 🙂

  3. I see you blogrolled YidPunk, a friend of mine…unfortunately WordPress tells me ‘the site has been deleted by the authors’.
    Anyway, I have followed your blog to ruminate over it later.

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